Arnold’s Country Kitchen

Have you tried the tasty roast beef of Arnold’s Country Kitchen? If not, then it’s time you try it.

Arnold’s Country Kitchen has been serving home-cooked “Meat & 3” in Nashville, Tennessee for more than 30 years. Its roast beef is the best and is famous among regulars, which it served daily from Monday until Friday.

Other favorites at Arnold’s Country Kitchen are its fried chicken, sugar-cured ham, meatloaf, chicken and dumplings, baked chicken and fried catfish, among other delicious dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings for great tasting food.

Aside from all these delicious treats, Arnold’s Country Kitchen also serves desserts, sandwiches, salads and drinks.

Open from Monday to Friday, Arnold’s Country Kitchen is located at 605 8th Avenue South in Nashville, Tennessee. It is owned by Jack and Rose Arnold and was opened in 1982.

Since its opening, Arnold’s Country Kitchen has earned the reputation of being the best to-go diner in Nashville.

In 2009, Arnold’s Country Kitchen won the prestigious James Beard American Classics Award.

The award just goes to show that Arnold’s Country Kitchen is a favorite dining destination not only by the locals but tourists as well.

So if you haven’t gone to Arnold’s Country Kitchen, now is the best time to try its delicious offerings.

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