Edwin Warner Park

Edwin Warner Park is one of Tennessee’s most beautiful outdoor venues that exemplify the beauty of Middle Tennessee’s pastoral landscapes. It features athletic fields, golf courses, picnic shelters and trails for running, hiking, biking and equestrian.

Openly accessible and is subtly scenic, Edwin Warner Park is a local favorite as it provides great views of the Nashville city skyline aside from offering some of Nashville’s best do-it-yourself recreational activities.

Established in 1927 as part of the Warner Park complex (along with Percy Warner Park), Edwin Warner Park provides outdoor enthusiasts with wooded trails, wildflower meadows, creek crossings and beautiful ridge line views of Nashville.

Every year, millions of people visit Edwin Warner Park primarily to try its nature loop trails that are perfect for family bonding and outing. Kids will surely love to hike through the trail that also features a wet weather spring and creek where they can stop and play while learning about the different flora and fauna and the environment in general.

A day in the woods would surely be fun if you do it at the Edwin Warner Park, where nature and people meet.

Edwin Warner Park is located at 7311 Hwy 100 and is open from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

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