Gaby’s Gymnastics

Gymnastics has earlier been closely associated with girls. But now, more boys have started to like beam balancing, or doing handstands, cartwheels, forward rolls and different jumping positions.

At Gaby’s Gymnastics, both boys and girls are welcome to join and learn the basics of gymnastics from the owner herself, Gabriela Geiculescu, a former member of the Romanian Olympic Team who earned her Master in Gymnastics in Romania in 1979 at age 13 at the time when she was ranked 63rd best gymnast in the world and the 10th best Romanian gymnast.

Judging from Gabriela’s credentials as a 1979 National Junior Championships winner for Bars and the All Around, you are assured that Gaby’s Gymnastics is teaching world-class routines.

But Gaby’s Gymnastics, located at 1186 Antioch Pike in Nashville, Tennessee, is not only a place for those who want to learn gymnastics. It is also a perfect venue for birthday parties for children ages 4 and older.

At Gaby’s, each birthday party is held for one hour and thirty minutes with the first 45 minutes solely allocated for private gymnastics, games, trampoline and rope swinging. The next 45 minutes is intended for the opening of birthday presents and meals.

At Gaby’s Gymnastics, your child will not only enjoy his birthday but will also learn the basics of gymnastics in an exciting, memorable, unique and fun environment.

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