Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

Animals can be human’s best friends, not just dogs (based on the common adage that dogs are man’s best friends), as long as you love them and take good care of them.

If your kids love to mingle with all kinds of animals, bring them to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, located at 3777 Nolensville Pike in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is home to around 2,285 animals and 365 animal species which come from many parts of the world. There are amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and arthropods. If you bring your kids at the zoo, they would surely be amazed seeing and learning about these animals and their habitat.

But Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is not all about animals. It is also a party venue where kids and adults alike can all learn and be entertained at the same time.

If you are looking for the wildest place to have a party, the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is the only place to be. It’s where you can become the King or Queen of the Jungle.

Nashville Zoo offers three party packages for animal enthusiasts – the Zooper Birthday Party, Zoo-it-Yourself Birthday Party and Jungle Gym Party.

The Zooper Birthday Party allows guests to enjoy a fun and wild time. This package includes room rental for 1 ½ hours, 10 free admission tickets, up-close animal visit, party host, special gift for the birthday celebrant and an electronic invitation.

Zoo-It-Yourself Birthday Party allows guests to go on an adventure on their own inside the zoo while the after-hours Jungle Gym Party is an adventure pass that is sure to please guests. This package includes exclusive rental of Jungle Gym area from 6:00 p.m. to dusk.

Visit Nashville Zoo at Grassmere now and book your party. Nashville Zoo is where animals, nature and fun converge.

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