Shelby Bottoms Nature Center

Nature lovers would surely find the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center a perfect place to unwind and commune with nature as this facility, owned by the Nashville Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation, aptly shows the connection of people with the environment.

The Shelby Bottoms Nature Center is an environmental education and recreation facility where people can learn about how wonderful nature is, the flora and fauna, and how people have become a part of nature.

Shelby Bottoms includes a nature center that houses natural and cultural history exhibits, programming space, art and photography exhibition space and a library with many field ID guides, natural and cultural history titles and children’s books.

The nature center also features an organic demonstration and teaching garden, a Cumberland River Compact rain garden; a children’s nature play area and trails, and a five-mile trailhead for primitive hiking.

Shelby Bottoms Nature Center, which also includes the more than 950 acres Shelby Bottoms Greenway and is situated adjacent to the 336-acre Shelby Park, offers free nature and environmental education programs, school field trips, educator training workshops, outdoor recreation programs, individual and group volunteer opportunities, student internship possibilities, Girl and Boy Scout programs, and other activities.

The nature center is located at 1900 Davidson St. in Nashville and is open from Tuesdays until Saturdays.

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