Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

Wanting to try a pizza that is cooked in a different way than what you have been used to? Go to Brixx Wood Fired Pizza in Hendersonville where you get to taste uniquely-flavored pizza cooked in brick ovens.

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza is conceived by friends Eric Horsley, Jeff Van Dyke and Barbara Bodford-Morgan as a restaurant that applied fine dining techniques and quality to casual, everyday food. It uses brick ovens in cooking pizza because this method enhances the natural flavors of the pizza’s quality ingredients, giving it an amazing, wood-fired taste.

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza thinks that everyone should be able to enjoy a slice of pizza when they want it that’s why it keeps on inventing pizza flavors that appeal to a wide range of palates and dietary needs, such as the vegan and vegetarian options, whole-wheat crust and gluten-free menu items.

And for the kids, they will surely love Brixx Wood’s Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Penne Pasta, S’mores Pizza Dessert and Meatballs.

With more than 30 locations in the Southeast, Brixx Wood Fired Pizza makes its own dough, bread, hummus and meatballs with fresh veggies and cheese, which is made from only the finest Wisconsin dairy milk.

Aside from its signature pizza, Brixx Wood also serves local and national craft beers and microbrews with a great wine selection, giving you a fresh alternative to “pizza and beer.”

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza in Hendersonville, located at 300 Indian Lake Blvd., is open Mondays to Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. and on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.

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