El Trompo Taco Shop

Wanting to have a taste of Mexican food in Hendersonville? El Trompo Taco Shop is the best place to go.

El Trompo Taco Shop, located at 115 Walton Ferry Rd in Hendersonville, Tennessee, is an authentic street taco shop that specializes in serving Mexican food, with the Trompo alpastor as the house specialty.

El Trompo Taco Shop serves different taco menu items such as taco de lengua, soft tacos, taco verde, fish taco and shrimp taco.

Aside from the all-time favorite taco, El Trompo Taco Shop also serves torta, gorditas, gringas, chalupa, burrito de lomo, burrito gusano, sopes, sincronizada, a variety of meat choices and Mexican dishes that are cooked to perfection.

For desserts, you can choose between cheese custard and corn custard. Or you can ask for El Trompo Taco Shop’s every day specials.

For side orders, you can have avocado, shredded cheese, rice and beans, limes, beans, grilled onion, grilled serrano peppers, radishes, rice and sour cream.

If you are looking for the best restaurant that serves delicious, authentic and fresh Mexican food and tacos, El Trompo Taco Shop is the only place to dine in. It is where you can taste the real taco.

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