Jumbo and Delicious

If you are craving to taste the best hot wings and jumbo stuffed burgers to satisfy your hunger, go to Jumbo and Delicious, the only restaurant in Hendersonville that serves delicious jumbo burgers, wings and other dishes.

Located at 115 Walton Ferry Rd, Jumbo and Delicious serves jumbo and stuffed burgers that are handcrafted from choice beef and seasoned to perfection. Its famous stuffed burger comes with melting American cheese and a choice of bacon or mushrooms plus the crispy fries and drink.

Jumbo and Delicious’ most popular offering is the ½-pound Stuffed Jumbo, which is made with a special beef and stuffed with two slices of melting yellow American cheese inside the meat with another two slices of cheese on top and your choice of Yellow American, White American, Provolone, Swiss, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Mozzarella, Muenster or Bleu cheese.

But if you like a bigger burger, you can have the ¾-pound Stuffed Jumbo that comes with the same stuffing as the ½-pound burger.

Jumbo and Delicious also serves the best hot wings and chicken strips, which are not your typical sports bar wings or chicken strips. Rather, they are meaty, juicy and deep-fried to absolute perfection. All wings and chicken strips are served with your choice of ranch, bleu cheese or honey mustard.

Whether you’re craving for a stuffed burger or hot wings and sandwiches or fries, Jumbo and Delicious has them all.

Jumbo and Delicious opened in early 2013 and is headed by Chef Ayman Albert.

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