Lock 4 Park – The Point

Lock 4 Park is a lakeside haven that boasts of scenic mountain biking trails with green landscaped areas that are perfect for picnics, fishing and boating.

Lock 4 Park has one of the most popular mountain-biking courses in Middle Tennessee and one of the more popular trails in the Nashville area. The trail course is approximately nine miles of well-maintained single track that uses natural features with a provided terrain to make this outdoor adventure really fun and exciting.

Located at 1598 Lock 4 Rd in Gallatin, Tennessee, Lock 4 Park can be accessed from three areas: Access 1, 2 and 3.

Access 1 boasts of boat ramp, a playground with swings, a picnic pavilion, handicap accessible fishing pier and fishing areas while Access 2 features boat ramp, picnic tables and fishing areas.

Access 3, also called The Point, boasts of picnic areas, picnic pavilion, handicap accessible fishing pier, model airplane landing strip, mountain bike trail and fishing areas.

Among the three access areas, Access 3 or The Point attracts more guests as it features many amenities compared with the other areas.

With Lock 4 Park, residents and guests are given a great venue to unwind while staying in Gallatin, named as the “Nicest Place in America” by Reader’s Digest.

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