Memorial Park

Memorial Park is a spacious state park located at 151 E Main St. in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Memorial Park features tennis courts, wooden playground area, a children’s area called Kids Kingdom, shades/shelters, picnic areas, Friendship Bridge/Island, walking and running trails along the lake, a kids’ practice soccer, baseball and football fields, a soccer field and other amenities.

The park, which is open from daylight until 11:00 p.m., offers a good mixture of forest and lake views, making it a perfect venue for outdoor adventure, camping, walking and even just strolling within the green areas.

The park is swarmed with ducks and other wildlife accompanying you as you stroll around the area through the walkways.

If you want to sweat out, you can have a good tennis game with your friends and family. Or go fishing at the lake.

At the Memorial Park, your kids will certainly have a good time playing because the park boasts of a large playground with lots of toys for toddlers. And while the kids play, parents and adults can sit in the shade and watch the kids have a good time.

If you want to fish, play or just want to relax, go to Memorial Park and be at peace with nature.

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