Volunteer Park at Arrowhead

Volunteer Park at Arrowhead is a newly-created soccer park in the city of Hendersonville in Tennessee, located off Drakes Creek Rd. in front of Knox Doss Middle School.

This 45-acre park is named in honor of those who have volunteered with various city projects over the years, particularly the clean-up efforts following the 2010 flood and a 2006 tornado that tore part of the city. The name “Arrowhead” is added, which is taken after the name of a nearby street and subdivision.

Open from daylight until 11:00 p.m., Volunteer Park at Arrowhead features two full size multi-purpose soccer fields where the teams of the city’s recreational and private leagues will practice and hold soccer games. It was built primarily to address congestion and overcrowding at Drakes Creek Park, the city’s main park.

Construction at Volunteer Park at Arrowhead has been done by phase, with phase 1 now already complete.

Volunteer Park at Arrowhead is envisioned to have a soccer complex with three regulation fields, a lacrosse field, parking, restroom/concessions, walking trails, a pedestrian bridge, a playground, sidewalks and a horse barn/training facility for the Hendersonville Police Department.

The pedestrian bridge is expected to provide accessibility to the other side of the meandering creek.

With the creation of Volunteer Park at Arrowhead, residents of Hendersonville are given more choices on outdoor adventures.

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