Cumberland Park

Cumberland Park is an exciting and innovative attraction in Nashville that is ideal for children and the whole family.

Nestled within a 6.5-acre land, Cumberland Park features a nature and play area for children called the Hollow, a cooling off area named the Scoops that has a stepping-stone path with mist features, a stone climbing wall, a crushed-stone trail, and an outdoor amphitheater that can accommodate up to 1,200 guests.

The Hollow is a one-of-a-kind nature and play area for children that features an undulating “washboard” activity area, sand play, a bouncing pad, a green maze and tandem see-saw for parents and kids. It also boasts of a rainbow area, a “cloud bridge” with rain curtains and an interactive splash pad.

The stone climbing wall called the Gorges has climbing ropes with embedded fossils, climbing nets and sliding poles. It has a four-person embankment slide that is made of Corian material designed to remain cool even during summer.

The crushed-stone trail weaves through plant groves and meadows and is designed to attract butterflies.

Cumberland Park is an innovative play space not only for children but for the whole family as well as it incorporates unique play structures and water features for guests of all ages to enjoy. It is open from dawn until 11:00 p.m.

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