Fannie Mae Dees Park

Fannie Mae Dees Park is a unique park in Nashville, Tennessee as it features a large colorful mosaic dragon sculpture that slithers through the landscape, giving the park the name the Dragon Park.

Located at 2400 Blakemore Avenue, the park was created in 1978 and was named after Fannie Mae Dees, a local civic leader.

The dragon sculpture is the park’s famous attraction, installed in 1980 as a community project led by the late New York artist Pedro Silva. Hundreds of volunteers helped in creating the tile vignettes that form the dragon’s colorful exterior.

Now, the dragon serves as the backdrop for a children’s playground and has become the favorite sanctuary of adults as well. It has been an iconic public artwork for nearly four decades and has become a part of every Nashvillian for generation.

With the dragon as the centerpiece, Fannie Mae Dees Park also features a large playground, big grassy areas, pavilions, a fountain with bottle filling station and picnic shelters, which are available for rental. It is open 24 hours a day to serve those who want to play, relax, unwind, run and restore some lost energy. It is the perfect place for a retreat.

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