Little Art House

Do your kids love to draw and make sketches? Do they like to play with crayons and colored pens or pencils? Let them imagine, explore and create whatever things they like by enrolling them at the Little Art House.

Located at 2104 Acklen Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee, Little Art House is one venue where kids can express everything they want and show off their imagination through art works.

Little Art House, owned by sisters Emma Bradford and Leighton Lancaster who are both licensed and experienced art teachers, supports education by offering encouragement and confidence in art making to kids for all ages. It offers art classes for 3 to 5 years old, toddler art classes, baby sensory art class, drop-in art classes and middle school art classes.

Little Art House also offers Mini Art Camp for 3 to 5 years old, portfolio building for 6th to 12th grade, Monster Madness, family art making and birthday parties or other events.

Art is one medium where a child’s imagination is born and nurtured so allow your kids to become imaginative by enrolling them at Little Art House, a place that provides inviting opportunities for people, especially children, to imagine, explore and create in a comfortable and encouraging environment.

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