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Kids in Preschool
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A beautiful smile starts with a child.


As soon as you walk into our office, you will see what makes us uniquely suited to see young patients. Everything has been designed to be child-friendly, and it’s not at all like you might visualize a general dentist’s office. Keep reading to know what makes us different. :)

About Swauger & Suiter Pediatric Dentistry

We have filled our office with a group of friendly and dedicated team members. Each of them was handpicked because they know how to talk to, think like, and bond with children.

Once you witness our smiling, playful staff interacting with your child you will know what we mean. Our mission is being able to talk to and connect with your child. If they are nervous, we will reassure them; if they are excited, we will help them become calm.

We strive to say something positive about each child at each visit, to make them feel good about themselves and about their experience with us. We will also take the time you need to answer your questions and concerns as a parent, and to make sure you are well informed.


The best pediatric dentistry! My son has always struggled very bad with the dentist and they have been so patient and he has now grown out of that fear and loved it today!
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